The Hope Lies Summer Scorecard

To mark the end of the Summer season each member of the Hope Lies team has rated each film out of a score of five. Yes, the general idea is stolen from Film Comment, but don’t hold that against us. A contributor’s favourite is highlighted in red (Except for Noel’s choice, which has somehow disappeared. It’s Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes for the record).

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While definitive results are nary to be seen, as not everyone saw every film, there are a few things to be taken away from this. Of the few films that each contributor actually saw, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes was the resounding victor. And, with only one contributor having missed it, it’s safe to say that Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is the season’s big turkey. Quite why the rest of the guys saw it after I posted our now infamous early review remains a mystery…

When collecting the above information a blurb on each particular writers favourite film of the Summer was also requested. Here they are –

Jamie McHale on The Skin I Live In “An understated horror that disturbs and delights in equal measure. Excellent performances by Banderas & Anaya that explore interesting ideas about gender identity (as do most of Almodovar’s films) in a unique way. Providing you can suspend you disbelief through the young man’s transformation into a flawless woman you’re in a for a thrilling ride.”

Mike McKenny on Attack The Block “It managed to be both a loving homage, as well as being fresh and contemporary. That’s the perfect genre formula: recognisable plot developments and easy to engage with, yet utilising a demographic and a specific surrounding – that hasn’t been represented on the big screen enough – to say something new. Wonderful mix of characters, all representing something a little different, with no wasted/superfluous characters or dialogue. Probably most impressively is that the film is brave enough to introduce the protagonists, the characters that the viewer is expected to be rooting for, by mugging an innocent woman. The film continues its ambiguity, sprinkling clues to the characters’ lives and motivations rather than giving any redemptive speeches or grand apologies. The icing on the cake for me, was that my second viewing was with a screen full of old folk, as I run the senior citizen screening post-film discussions at the National Media Museum. The discussion group was unanimously behind the film. One member saying that it’s the best film (barring special screenings such as The Battleship Potemkin, etc) that’s played at the museum all year.”

Rob Girvan on Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes – “A Summer blockbuster that reminds me that you can never be too old to enjoy a really well done multi-million dollar franchise movie. The moments that leave people open jawed come from character and emotions and not things going boom. More of this please.”

Tim Popple on Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes – “Taking a film series which nobody really asked to be rebooted and making an intelligent and exhilarating summer blockbuster is one heck of an achievement. It’s the best use of motion capture I’ve ever seen, and in its creation shows promise not only for this particular film series, but also the technology behind it.”

Noel Thingvall on Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes ” Smart, beautifully and intricately paced, and lets the excitement evolve out of the rich characters instead of shoehorning them into a stale set of set pieces.”



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  1. This is a great idea, even if it is admittedly a borrowed one. It’s perhaps shameful to admit that I’ve only seen 8 films on this list, but I honestly can’t believe that NONE of you saw Fast (and the Furious) Five! I’m far from a fan of that franchise but it really did turn out to be one of the best action films of the summer. I recommend you guys check it out when it hits DVD.

    I eagerly await the end of year scorecard!

    • Actully I did see it – forgot to enter in my rating for it. Would be three stars from me!

    • I’ve been a fan of the series since Justin Lin took over and wanted to catch 5, but didn’t get a chance before it was gone.

  2. Really enjoyed The Tree of Life and Harry Potter

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