Monday Blu(e)s and DVD

While not quite scaling the dizzy heights of last week’s packed schedule, there is still very much to like about today’s DVD and Blu-ray releases.   

Please feel free to use the comments section below to let us know if we’ve missed anything. Monday Blu(e)s and DVD’s is produced in association with Film@Home, the British Video Association’s digital hub for the promotion of Blu-ray. More information on Film@Home can be found on their Facebook page.

Disc Of The Week


Tyrannosaur – Paddy Considine’s directorial debut was the highest placed British film in our top ten of last year; an achievement all the more impressive when one considers that 2011 was such a vintage year for the national cinema. Olivia Colman is the greatest talent on display, with her affected Christian housewife one of the most complex and well-realised characters of 2011. Peter Mullan and Eddie Marsan are also on great form.

Midnight In Paris – Much has been made of his latest being a bona-fide return to form for Woody Allen. That the film saw release just five months after the disaster that was You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger makes the feat all the more impressive. Bafflingly only being released on DVD (and not Blu-ray), Midnight In Paris is genuinely wonderful.

Tabloid – Errol Morris’ lauded documentary tells the story of Joyce McKinney, one time beauty queen turned kidnapper. Morris’ film was something of a hit on the festival circuit, but only received the barest of limited releases. Here’s hoping it finds a great audience on DVD.

Teen Wolf – No doubt deemed apt for a rerelease thanks to it’s recent reinvention as a post-Twilight-inspired television show, Teen Wolf hasn’t aged particularly well, but it remains a somewhat charming blast from the past.

Legend – Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Ridley Scott’s Legend.  


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