Update – The Hope Lies Universal 100

Here’s a brief update of our year long project in celebration of Universal Pictures. It’s been a quiet fortnight or so, with only three Universal pictures making an appearance. Alas, the three films themselves have been some bona-fide classics. Well, kind of. There will be an in-depth piece on Alex Cox’s Repo Man up over the next few hours, while we made a case for Charlie Chaplin’s A Countess From Hong Kong a few weeks back. Wagon Master is great fun too, and it’s a real shame that we didn’t have the opportunity to cover it in greater detail. 

As always, follow the hashtag #HopeLiesUni100 to keep up with the whole thing, and please feel free to nominate Universal films that you’d like to see us cover: based on last months suggestions alone we’ve already added the complete Abbott & Costello and the Marx Brothers back catalogue to our list of eventualities.

1. Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock) 1958
2. Two-Lane Blacktop (Monte Hellman) 1971
3. The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock)  1963
4. The Incredible Hulk (Louis Leterrier) 2008
5. Fast Five (Justin Lin) 2011
6. A Countess From Hong Kong (Charles Chaplin) 1967
7. Wagon Master (John Ford) 1950
8. Repo Man (Alex Cox) 1984
This project is not endorsed by Universal Pictures, please don’t mistake it for some kind of tacky “advertorial” piece. 

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