When Assayas Comes To Town

Festival season is almost upon is once again, with two of the larger regional film festivals kicking in to action in April and May. And thats without even mentioning the Cambridge Silent Film Festival, on which there will be more later. For the time being we’re beginning to get excited about the Derby ID Fest and the Bradford International Film Festival. While not much has been revealed about either, we are specifically (if not quite literally) frothing at the mouth over today’s announcement that Olivier Assayas will be paying the latter a visit in order to pick up a Fellowship Award at the Yorkshire festival.

Assayas has turned his capable hands to an extraordinary number of genres and styles, especially when one takes in to account the brevity with which his latter day work has seen production (family tale Summer Hours and post-exploitation Asia Argento/Michael Madsen two-hander Boarding Gate were released in the same 12 month period in 2007). Regular readers of Hope Lies at 24 Frames Per Second will probably know him best for directing 2010’s epic Carlos, the three-part, five and a half-hour exploration of the life and crimes of Ilich Ramírez Sánchez (aka Carlos the Jackal) that made our top five that year. We’re told that a selection of his work will accompany a screen-talk with the filmmaker. We think it’s safe to assume that Assayas’s homage to Louis Feuillade’s Les Vampires, 1996’s Irma Vep will make an appearance. 

Elsewhere at Bradford, Neil Brand will be making an appearance, playing accompaniment to William Wellman’s Beggars Of Life alongside “friend” of Hope Lies Mark Kermode and his fellow Dodge Brothers. Wellman will be making an appearance on this very site in the next couple of days, thanks to an extensive look at his Wings, the first “Best Picture”. There’s also the world famous Widescreen Weekend, a celebration of all things technical, and one of our favourite occasions in the film festival calendar. Did we mention that we got to spend an afternoon with Jack Cardiff there one year? 

The ID-Fest takes place over a long weekend at the end of May, and Hope Lies will be massively involved from a digi-perspective. There’s not much more to reveal at the moment, but it’s all shaping up rather nicely. 

For more information on the Bradford International Film Festival and tickets click here

Find more information on ID Fest click here.


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