Film Of The Month – Michael Curtiz’s Noah’s Ark (1928)

Okay, we’ll be the first to admit it: our inaugural Film Of The Month didn’t really work out. Excuses aside we put this down to the overwhelming number of new releases that reached screens during the latter fortnight of the month, coupled with a number of (very exciting) behind the scenes developments. We’re still actually catching up with this past weekend’s huge number of releases (This Is Not A Film is coming up later today).

Anyway, without further or do it’s time to take a look at this months title. Seeing as April marks Easter we’re going biblical. The film of the month is Michael Curtiz’s Noah’s Ark, a 1928 silent from the man who would eventually direct Casablanca

With “faith” being one of the key themes within Curtiz’s film a tantalising line up of films await us. We’ll be taking in the likes of John Huston’s Wise Blood, Charles Laughton’s The Night Of The Hunter, Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood as well as a belated look at Pasolini’s The Gospel According To Matthew. Faith is a recurring theme in the works of some of our favourite filmmakers too, with the likes of Dumont, Scorsese and Dreyer all creating works with a hallowed edge, so this ought to give us an opportunity to explore their bodies of work too.
Our in-depth look at Noah’s Ark ought to be live by next weekend, stay tuned for more. 

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