Monday Blu(e)s And DVD

After the remarkable batch of titles that fell last week, todays haul seems a little bit underwhelming in comparison, alas one particular release ought to impress greatly…

Disc Of The Week


Margaret – Kenneth Lonergan’s Margaret was the sleeper hit of 2011. The film snuck up out of nowhere, in what many claim to be a manufactured abandonment by the financing studio to steal the hearts and minds of cineaphile’s and cineastes up and down the land. It was the involvement of the worlds greatest cineaste, Martin Scorsese, that saw the film eventually reach theatres, albeit several years later than planned. The film itself sees Anna Paquin surrounded by a veritable ensemble of talent, as a troubled girl who finds her life spiralling out of control. It’s magnificent. 

To clear up any confusion, and I guess its apt that conjecture and uncertainly has carried Margaret in to its DVD release, the film will not be getting a Blu-ray release in the UK just yet, although one might happen in the future. This release features both the 149-minute theatrical cut, and the 3-hour director’s cut. 

Check out our review of the film here.


Batman Begins and The Dark Knight – Christopher Nolan’s monumentally successful Bat-flicks are herein reissued in time for the final instalment of the series, in handsome steelbook packaging. The discs remain the same as ever. The films themselves are rather magnificent. Batman Begins is a bona-fide masterpiece of blockbuster cinema, and the follow-up isn’t bad either. 

John Carter – By no means the turkey that the box-office and gossip would have you believe, Andrew Stanton’s live-action debut was that rarest of things: an interesting blockbuster. It’s not perfect, but it’s a visual splendour and we ought to be supporting mainstream cinema driven by such a creative voice. 

Check out our review of the film here.

Woody Allen collection – This 20-disc box-set contains just a sample of the New York director’s mammoth oeuvre, but would be the perfect place to begin for any newcomers to Allen. 


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  1. I NEED that Woody Allen set.

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