Monday Blu(e)s And DVD

What a week for new releases! Each of the boutique labels are represented, with Welles, Carne and Lean all featuring on fantastic new discs.

Disc Of The Week

The Trial – Orson Welles’ adaptation of one of Franz Kafka’s best known tales leads the way this week. Being in the public domain has thus far hindered The Trial on home video, so it’s really quite something to finally get a worthy edition. Packed to the rafters with extra material, this really is as definitive a package as one could hope for. 

Le quai des brumes/That Obscure Object Of Desire – The Studio Canal Collection really shines this week, with two further excellent discs. It’s particular reassuring to see a film like Le quai des brumes released in such a package, given the difficulty with which it has been to find the film on British shores, pun intended. Again, both films feature a robust support package. Expect a thorough write up of the Carné film later in the week.

Lawrence Of Arabia – David Lean’s film has been deemed worthy of that greatest of honours: the Sony flagship restoration. Each year the studio focus all of their attentions on one classic film (Taxi Driver was last year, The Bridge On The River Kwai 2010’s), with the greatest of efforts going in to high quality, 4K digital future-proof restorations. But alas, while Lawrence Of Arabia might be available in this solid, if unremarkable disc, the really impressive package comes later in the year, with Sony producing a very special box-set in the wake of the films theatrical re-release. We’d hold out for that if we were you. 

Nostalgia For The Light – Another odd release, in that while it’s available this week on DVD, a Blu-ray edition will be released in just a few weeks time. 

Soul Power – The good folk at Masters Of Cinema have bowed to fan pressure and reissued Jeffrey Levy-Hinte’s once out-of-print documentary. Made up of outtake footage from Leon Gast’s When We Were Kings, the film charts the famous Zaire 74 music festival that accompanied the famous Rumble In The Jungle boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. 

Corpo Celeste/Goodbye, First Love/The Turin Horse – Bela Tarr’s latest film passed us by on theatrical release, as did Goodbye, First Love from French filmmaker Mia Hansen-Løve. Both will be caught up with on home video. We did however catch Corpo Celeste, from documentary filmmaker turned narrative maestro Alice Rohrwacher, and were rather fond of it. Our review of that film, shamefully only available on DVD, can be found here

Random Catalogue Releases – This week truly does see a wealth of releases. Jim Cameron’s finest (four) hour(s), Titanic is reissued on Blu-ray and in 3D, while Jimmy Stewart favourite Harvey also receives the HD treatment. Elsewhere, Nic Roeg’s Walkabout and the Robert Mitchum-starrer Where Danger Lives both hit disc, while the laudable Second Run continue in their quest to bring the finest of Eastern European cinema to homes with Andrzej Wajda’s Innocent Sorcerers

The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists – The Pirates! In An Adventure With Inadequacy ran the headline of our original review, which says everything you need to know about Aardman Animations’ latest. However, if you *would* like to know more, then simply click here.


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