Twin Peaks: 20th Anniversary London Art Exhibition

At the end of next month friend of Hope Lies and all ’round David Lynch authority Suet-Ming Lau will be exhibiting a specially curated series of artworks based upon the work of the American filmmaker. Twin Peaks is the focus, with the London event being in honour of the series’ 20th Anniversary. The exhibition features works from artists from across the world, with China, Spain, Italy, the US and the UK just some of the countries represented. The whole thing is approved by Mr. Lynch himself, and will also feature a range of exclusive Twin Peaks merchandise.

In a neat turn of events, the whole thing occurs around the same time as the West End exclusive run of The Master (which opens there a whole two weeks before the rest of the country. Boo.), so if you’re planning on making the trip down (and we speak as some who are), this might make the ideal companion.

Twin Peaks: 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition takes place at the Menier Gallery, Southwark, London, and runs from 29 October through to the 3rd of November.



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  1. For all the fans of Twin Peaks, check out the online movement that is trying to bring Twin Peaks back in some new shape or form! Good day lads!

  2. So excited to see this! Oh man 🙂 Have you seen it?

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