Monday Blu(e)s And DVD

And we thought last week was impressive… A mammoth array of fantastic discs fills this weeks Monday Blu(e) and DVD, including three wonderful discs from the Masters Of Cinema. 

Disc Of The Week

Cleopatra – Choosing a disc of the week this week proved extraordinarily difficult. In a week which sees no less than three new titles from Eureka’s Masters Of Cinema imprint we plumped for the newbie. Cecil B. DeMille’s Cleopatra, a typically lavish production from one of the figures that helped to define the early Hollywood. The film itself, an early sound feature, is accompanied by around 30 minutes of documentary footage as well as one of the Masters Of Cinema’s great booklets. Dual-Format and standard DVD. Steelbook also available. Order direct from Eureka here. Win a copy here.

Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse – The middle chapter in Fritz Lang’s epic Mabuse trilogy, Masters Of Cinema here offer an upgraded rendition of their earlier DVD edition on Blu-ray. Meticulously restored in high-definition, here’s hoping Eureka make available the rest of the films in the series. Dual-Format. Steelbook also available. Order direct from Eureka here. Win a copy here.

Oedipus Rex – While we tend to struggle with Pasolini the Master’s Of Cinema’s crusade to get his work across has proven nothing short of laudable. This marks their fourth release of a Pasolini film on Blu-ray this year, and the sixth if we include DVD-only releases, and is arguably the most impressive. Oedipus Rex was the Italian filmmakers first colour feature, with the director taking full advantage of the beautiful Moroccan landscapes that form the backdrop of his vision. Dual-Format and DVD-only. Order direct from Eureka here. Win a copy here.

The Lodger – While the new score might leave a lot to be desired, one mustn’t grumble, for this particular restoration is little short of miraculous. 85 years on, Hitchcock’s first “proper” film remains a wonder. Check out our full review here.

To Catch A Thief – More Hitchcock on Blu-ray. Formidable features and a solid transfer make for an easy recommendation.

Bond On Blu-ray – Just in time for Skyfall, Sony make available all 22 of the existing Bond films. Nice, if you’re a Bond fan.

Lady Snowblood – Arrow video release the first two Lady Snowblood movies in high-definition. It’s no Kill Bill.

The Cabin In The Woods – We were completely won over by Drew Goddard’s The Cabin In The Woods upon theatrical release. A subversive, overt spin on the well-worn horror genre. Even if it does feature an annoying stoner. But alas, and by all accounts, problems are rife with this disc, so it’s worth avoiding for now. 

The Raid – Much fawning was aimed in the general direction of Gareth Evans’ low-budget Indonesian-shot crime drama, and while it’s a perfectly serviceable action-thriller we couldn’t help but beg to differ. Check out our full review here.

Don Quixote – We’ve never seen Grigori Kozintsev’s take on the Cervantes tome, but am looking forward to doing so now that it’s widely available.

The Angels’ Share – Again, we’ve not seen The Angels’ Share, but look forward to doing so.


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