Monday Blu(e)s And DVD

While this week’s offerings may pale in comparison to the last couple of weeks worth of home entertainment, the few discs that are released are rather magnificent.

Disc Of The Week

Moonrise Kingdom – Even the snarkiest naysayers of Wes Anderson found it difficult to fall for the charms of his latest work. The film deviates a little from the pattern carved with the rest of his oeuvre (there’s no Owen Wilson for one thing), and yet it remains one of the most significant American pictures of 2012. Check out our complete review here. Our Monograph on Moonrise Kingdom can be found here

The Terminator – James Cameron’s breakthrough film is here presented in a well restored Blu-ray edition. Albeit one missing the original Mono soundtrack. 

Universal Monsters Collection – Just in time for Halloween, Universal have restored and reissued 8 of the early Universal Monsters movies. While the UK discs are lacking in a couple of extras when compared to their US counterparts (mainly commentaries), the transfers are fantastic. The set is available as a coffin-shaped collectable, for those of thee that are in to that sort of thing, while each film is also available separately. 

John Cage – Journeys In Sound – John Cage was a fascinating figure, with his 4′33″ to this day remaining a key piece of conceptual art. In this, the 20th anniversary year of his death (and the 100th anniversary year of his birth), this documentary was commisioned by German television to mark the occasion.


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