Monday Blu(e)s And DVD

My, what an utterly depressing week for new home video.

Dark Shadows – Tim Burton’s latest isn’t *that* bad: it had a nice sense of place and scale, and the production design was lovely (it was nice to see Burton back from the brink of CGI-overkill and produce a work that felt at least a little bit physical). And yet it all just feels so thoroughly underwhelming. 

Avatar – The third release home video release of Avatar in as many years, this one adds 3D in to the mix. Your interest will no doubt depend on how you feel about that particular development. 

Wrath Of The Titans – And speaking of 3D, what Avatar was to the argument in favour of 3D, Wrath Of The Titans predecessor, Clash Of The Titans was for the argument against. That we didn’t bother with this sequel says everything.

Woody Allen – A Documentary – The most interesting disc of the week, and were it not for the fact that we haven’t actually seen it (due to not being big Woody Allen fans) it’d almost certainly be a dead-cert for Disc Of The Week. 

LOL – Haven’t seen it. We’re sensing a theme here. A Miley Cyrus driven remake of the five year old Joe Swanberg film. What’s not to like? 

Top Cat – One of the most derided films in recent memory makes it’s bow in glorious HD. It irks somewhat to see this given such lavish treatment when a film like Margaret is left languishing in standard definition purgatory. Saying that, we haven’t seen Top Cat, it might be the greatest animated film of all time.

The Curse Of Frankenstein – It’s reassuring to see more and more classic Hammer horror being given the Blu-ray treatment. If only we’d seen it…


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