Editorial – This Is The End

 The London Film Festival closes its many doors for another year later today. And so ends our coverage of one of our favourite film festivals. While there’s still one final piece to come tomorrow, on Jacques Audiard’s remarkable Rust & Bone, that’s pretty much it until next Autumn.

As a means of briefly summing up what has been a lengthy experience, this years LFF did what it always does very well: it proved to be a reliably solid couple of weeks of movies that have played throughout the world in 2012. Only one of the films that I took in (Nick Murphy’s Blood) was a world premiere, while the rest of my own programme was made up of the greatest hits of Cannes, Berlin and the rest of the major festivals. As mentioned in an earlier Editorial, this is the sort of thing that I go to the LFF for, so from that perspective it was a roaring success.

The festival prizes were announced last night, and it’s difficult to find fault with either of the two key prizes. A return to competition was high on new festival programmer Clare Stewart list of priorities with this years event, and if anything the winners of the main prizes reinforces this idea of London being the great “catch all” festival of the circuit, with multi-festival favourite Rust & Bone taking the top prize, and Benh Zeitlin’s excellent Beasts Of The Southern Wild awarded the Sutherland Prize for best first feature. Both films are deserving winners, and you’ll find out just why I think so in extended pieces on both films coming up at some point this week. 

Adam Batty – Editor-In-Chief 

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