Editorial – Film, Film, Everywhere…

Film, film, everywhere…. We’re currently sitting in one of those blips of time in which we are reminded of just how popular the movies can be. Bond-fever has entrapped the nation. Multiplexes are reporting mass sellouts that tower above those achieved by even the likes of Batman or Earth’s Mightiest Avengers, while relatives call I, the family cinephile, for advice and opinion. I even got called up to review the film for the local BBC radio station this week, although having not actually seen it I had to turn them down. You see, I’m a person who is somewhat apathetic towards Ian Fleming’s creation this places me in a curious state.

But alas, the overwhelmingly positive praise, coupled with a spouse who holds a fondness for the series means that a buckling has been a done, and a Skyfall ‘ere I come.

I’m not quite sure where my disinterest in the Bond franchise stems from, although I suspect it has its origins in the great British ritual of a rainy bank holiday Monday spent in front of a television and Roger Moore. I’ve since warmed to the Craig iteration of the character, but an apparent break in chronology for Skyfall saw me lose interest in the project early on. However, the massively positive critical reaction really has sold it to me. Keep an eye on Twitter to see how I fare later this evening.

Adam Batty – Editor-In-Chief

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