The Hope Lies Top Ten Of 2012 #5 – Jafar Panahi’s This Is Not A Film



A question mark looms over Jafar Panahi’s latest work. Is it a documentary? A piece of cleverly staged fiction? That Panahi received one of our votes for best performance of the year says much about the elusive nature of the film, with his turn as host, subject and performer resulting in one of the most enigmatic on-screen figures of 2012. 

This Is Not A Film also raised the year’s most profound question: by asking his audience to corroborate in his crime of creating and screening cinema Panahi broke down boundaries of meta. By choosing to watch the film, we, the viewer play a part in the crime being committed. It’s a hearty subversion of what we most closely associate the act of cinema-going with: entertainment.  

Read our review here.

Download our Monograph on This Is Not A Film here.

Selected criticism on This Is Not A Film – Tim Robey on This Is Not A Film.


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