Monday Blu(e)s And DVD


It’s an absolutely stacked week for new releases. Adventures in cinema aplenty await thee who seeks out any of the following… 

Disc Of The Week


La Poison – Sacha Guitry has long proven an illusive figure on British home video, with his oeuvre all but eluding the digital mediums. Until now. This late period black comedy from the director, starring stalwart of the era Michel Simon comes complete with a solid range of supplementary material, including a solid hour-long documentary on the French filmmaker.


Onibaba and City Of Women – Eureka’s Masters Of Cinema imprint are covering a wide range of bases this week. Not only are they responsible for the aforementioned La Poison, but they’re also reissuing Kaneto Shindo’s Onibaba in high-definition, and are introducing Federico Fellini to the esteemed range too, with the filmmakers City Of Women, a spiritual follow-up of sorts to his 8 1/2. Once again extra material is noteworthy, with three documentaries running to over 2 hours on the Fellini.


Killing Them Softly – Andrew Dominik’s return to feature-filmmaking came some four years after The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, and proved to be amongst the very best American films of 2012 (it featured in our own top ten of the year).

Check out our full review of Killing Them Softly here.


Rust & Bone – Another favourite of 2012, in which Jacques Audiard meticulously fuses the finest bits of Martin Scorsese with the soul of a Marcel Carné masterwork. A clear favourite of last year’s London Film Festival, Rust & Bone rests on the strength of two remarkable central performances.

Check out our full review of Rust & Bone here.


Call Me Kuchu – The remarkable true story of David Kato impressed us upon our introduction to the film at last year’s DocFest. Crass cliched terms like “packs a real punch” are wholly apt.

Check out our full review of Call Me Kuchu here


Beau Travail and The Claire Denis Collection – We’re not quite sure what’s provoked this mass celebration of the work of one of France’s great contemporary filmmakers, but we’re not going to complain either. Although, there is one irk; why no Blu-ray release?


McCullin and On The Road – The only thing tying this pair together is the fact that we have yet to see them.


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  1. Picked up Rust & Bone. Sainsburys doing a 2 disc BR for a limited period. Plenty of extras that’s for sure although the 2nd disc is a just a DVD. A Prophet was enjoyable, I wasn’t taken with the greatness some proclaimed of it. Interested to see what the director did next.

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