Monday Blu(e)s And DVD


Polanski, Vincente Minneli, Ozu and Haneke headline this week’s best new releases in the land of home video.

Disc Of The Week


Tess – Roman Polanski tackles Thomas Hardy, in this celebrated adaptation of Tess Of The d’Urbervilles. Here given the BFI treatment, and a disc produced by master DVD producer┬áLaurent Bouzereau, Tess is ripe for rediscovery on home video.


Amour – Michael Haneke’s much celebrated charting of the final act of the final years together of a loving couple is ultimately something of a mixed bag. A startling ode to performance, and one that works best as an epilogue to two of the finest careers in world cinema, the film suffers a little from being overly reliant on sentiment, but is otherwise an engaging piece.


An American In Paris – A couple of Warner-owned musicals receive HD reissues today, with Vincente Minneli’s Gene Kelly showcase the highlight. A wealth of extras accompany a beautiful transfer.


The Gangster Films – The BFI continue their treatment of the Ozu catalogue to home video, with this collection of three silent films, with each revolving around a world of crime. Shame there’s no Blu-ray release, but alas, the BFI’s laudable attempts to shine a light on every corner of the career of the Japanese master is cause enough for celebration.


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