Hope Lies at 16 Frames Per Second Presents – Sunnyside and Speedy


The latest Hope Lies at 16 Frames Per Second event is coming up very soon, and it’s a double-bill! We’re turning to comedy this time around, with a Chaplin 2 reeler playing in front of a classic Harold Lloyd feature.  

Sunnyside – the connective tissue between this double-bill is one of geographical place, and the manner in which each respective player uses said space. For the Chaplin we’ve opted for our very favourite Charlie Chaplin short, Sunnyside, in which our hapless hero attempts to pry away the object of his affections in his small town from a visiting and fashionable city guy. 

Speedy – This Harold Lloyd sees the focus shift from the countryside to the city, as Lloyd, portraying the brilliantly named Speedy Swift tries his best to woo a love interest, with the city and its transportation system seemingly trying to prevent him from doing so at all costs! Chaos reigns as Lloyd’s everyman flounders in every conceivable direction in his quest for the heart of the woman he loves, via, as bizarre as it sounds, his attempts to save the last horse drawn bus in town. 

Tickets for Sunnyside and Speedy can be found here.


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