Hope Lies at 24 Frames Per Second Presents – James Gray’s We Own The Night


We’re incredibly pleased to be able to reveal that we are collaborating with our friends at Derby IDFest on a screening of James Gray’s We Own The Night.

As longtime readers will no doubt be well aware, we’re very fond of the work of James Gray, with his Two Lovers named our second favourite film of the last decade, while it’s the upcoming The Nightingale/Lowlife, the film which led our preview of 2013, that stands to give the filmmaker the push across to the mainstream that he deserves. All signs point to a Cannes bow for his latest film, which, funnily enough opens just a couple of days after our screening of his 2007 film.

The theme of this years IDFest is “family”, and when approached by the programming team in Derby We Own The Night was the film that immediately came to mind. The story of two brothers, one a formidable cop who, having followed in the footsteps of their father, is a symbol of all that is thought good by society, while the other runs a nightclub whose outfit acts as a cover for all manner of illicit activities. The two worlds converge upon one another, in a tale that riffs on both Shakespearean tragedy and the 1970s New Hollywood in equal measure. The film is balanced upon two grandstanding performances, with Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix at odds as the brothers, while New Hollywood alumni Robert Duvall stands between them as their father.

Tickets for We Own The Night can be found here.

The complete IDFest line-up can be found here.


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