Monday Blu(e)s And DVD


The connective theme tying most of this week’s new releases together is “we haven’t seen it”. 

Disc Of The Week


The Spirit Of ’45 – Talk about good timing. In a week which has seen the rewriting of the Margaret Thatcher legacy Ken Loach’s The Spirit Of ’45 might just be the perfect tonic. We had one major issue with the film on theatrical release which was that the film was utilising outmoded technique to sell it’s message, and that complaint still stands, but alas, it’s a film which demands to be seen.


Evil Dead 2 – The greatest Horror film of all time? Is it even a horror film at all? Sam Raimi’s film has long provoked such questions, and with the latest film in the Evil Dead series opening in British cinemas this week now would be the perfect time to revisit the best film in the franchise to date.


Iron Man: Rise Of Technovore – Continuing the theme of great timing, this Marvel anime collaborative DTV feature is released to coincide with the upcoming Iron Man 3.


What Richard Did – In spite of the fanfare that greeted the film upon theatrical release earlier this year we somehow managed to miss the film on first run. We’ll be making up for that now that it’s on home video.


A pair of BFI Flipside releases – Again, we haven’t seen either of these discs, but the Flipside imprint is nothing if not reliable. The above Captured is released alongside You’re Human Like The Rest Of Them – The Films Of B S Johnson.


Dead End Drive In – Fine purveyors of cult cinema Arrow video are releasing this as a part of their *lesser* imprint, Arrowdrome, but the title alone deems this worthy of a peek.


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