Masters Of Cinema June-July 2013 Schedule

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This morning saw Eureka’s Masters Of Cinema imprint announce their next wave of releases. Across two months the company will be releasing five titles, with each of them very much worthy of getting excited about.



Tabu – This high definition reissue of the classic F.W. Murnau, Robert Flaherty collaboration has been long promised, with the film a current DVD favourite of the Masters Of Cinema imprint. Murnau’s final film, Tabu is a glorious example of late-period silent film at its most ambitious and creative. It’s presented here for the first time in it’s proper aspect ratio of 1:19 too.


Two From Kaneto Shindo – Japanese New Wave icon Kaneto Shindo is further represented in the Masters Of Cinema collection thanks to a pair of upgrades of two of his most favoured works, The Naked Island and Kuroneko. The latter is a genuine candidate for greatest Japanese film of all time as far as we’re concerned, with this release set to, at the very least, echo the existing exemplary Criterion Blu-ray.



The Birth Of A Nation – While June’s release of Tabu may be seen as a film representative of the final stage of the silent movie, this edition of D. W. Griffith’s The Birth Of A Nation marks the birth of the long-form section of the era. A difficult film, and one already well served by a solid if not remarkable HD release from Kino, we remain excited as to how Masters Of Cinema will go about re-presenting the film in 2013.


Le Pont du Nord – The unequivocal highlight of this batch of announcements, the Masters Of Cinema welcome Jacques Rivette in to the collection. Rivette remains curiously under-represented on British home video, with this disc, said to be a worldwide first, a bona-fide miracle. Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Check out the complete Masters Of Cinema collection online at


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