Monday Blu(e)s And DVD


A modest array of home video releases reach stores this week, with one particular highlight . 

Disc Of The Week

bakumatsu-taiyoden-bd-2d-packshot-72dpi-site.jpBakumatsu Taiyo-Den – The kind of release that proves the worth of groups like The Masters Of Cinema, Bakumatsu Taiyo-Den is a landmark Japanese comedy from the late 1950s. Essentially unheard of in the UK, the film was declared to be one of the five greatest Japanese films of all time by it’s native Kinema junpô (an esteemed Japanese film publication). Thanks to Masters Of Cinema the film is here presented in lavish fashion on Blu-ray and DVD.

719CuiEOZqL._AA1500_Knightriders – George Romero made something of a diversion with Knightriders, a 1981 Ed Harris-starrer charting the plight of a group of travelling performers. The original poster for the film is a masterpiece of oddity.


Louie – If the reputation of Louie C.K. is to be believed then the American stand-up comedian’s latest television outing is something of a masterpiece. We have yet to see it…


Putty Hill – The same goes for Putty Hill, an American indie-flick that made a bit of a wave on the festival circuit a couple of years ago.


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