Nikkatsu Uncovered At The British Film Institute


Kismet strikes! It was only a couple of days ago (in this article no less) that we were bemoaning our own lack of familiarity with the Japanese cinema of the Nikkatsu studio. Alas, the BFI have swooped in to the rescue with an promising season of works in celebration of the studio in June.

It’s Suzaki Paradise: Red Signal from Bakamatsu Taiyô-Den director Yûzô Kawashima that intrigues us the most, given the effect that Bakamatsu Taiyô-Den had, but the complete programme in itself looks to offer a mass of riches. 

Full details on The Heyday Of Nikkatsu Studios can be found here



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  1. Great News, no ignoring that, but reading that article made me think that maybe, somehow, we’d be getting some DVD Blu-ray releases here in blighty. But who knows, this may lead onto it.

    • We can only hope (for video releases)! From what I gather the Japanese film studios are particularly difficult to deal with when it comes to licensing archive pictures. Here’s hoping that’s not the case.

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