Le Petit Soldat – What On Earth Is That?


You may have noticed that we preceded yesterday’s DocFest 2013 announcement with a strange and unusual headline. “Le Petit Soldat, The HopeLies Web Log Presents” ran the line. In short it’s a new imprint of Hope Lies at 24 Frames Per Second, designed to streamline things now that Periodical is becoming more and more prominent.

Le Petit Soldat, named for the Jean-Luc Godard film, translates to “The Little Soldier”, which seems like an apt manifesto for a site such as Hope Lies. The idea is that Le Petit Soldat will be a less formal home for the most current and up to date information, with events such as DocFest live-blogged under the headline, as will commentary on items that wouldn’t ordinarily demand coverage on Hope Lies. It frees things up a little, which is obviously rather exciting.

We’re launching Le Petit Soldat properly today, to tie-in with our coverage of IDFest. The blog will go live in a few hours and be updated throughout the day. Remember also to keep an eye on our Twitter feed for an even more instantaneous reaction.



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