Monday Blu(e)s And DVD


A solid week for new releases is headlined by one of our favourite films of 2013. 

Disc Of The Week


Hors Satan – Bruno Dumont’s Hors Satan made our top five of 2011, and now it’s finally broken free of the festival circuit. Bruno Dumont is the subject of an extensive in the next issue of Periodical, and in the meantime you can check out our full review of the film here


Side By Side – Keanu Reeves headlines this solid introduction to the world of the film vs. digital debate, in which pretty much every significant voice in the the contemporary American cinema has their say on the direction in which things are heading. Included with this release is a second DVD containing over 4 hours worth of extra interviews. Shame it’s only available on DVD. 


Miscellaneous Hitchcock Blu-ray’s – The Birds, Rear Window and Saboteur are all released on Blu-ray today. They’re individual repackaging’s of the discs from the big box set released late last year. 

91hwoazuUNL._SL1500_Les Misérables – One of the most loathsome films of 2013 somehow got that little bit more icky with the addition of a sub-heading declaring “The Musical Phenomenon” underneath the film’s title. Bleh. 

71spJvTSBqL._SL1000_Amateur – Artificial Eye are releasing a number of Hal Hartley films over the next couple of weeks, with Amateur the first.

713eGF9KYIL._SL1024_Black Sabbath – Arrow Video continue apace in their attempts to bring quality editions of Mario Bava titles to disc.


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