Editorial – Back To Normal

Well, that took a little longer than expected! The latest issue of Periodical is *finally* in the bag, and en-route to iTunes as I type. I’m fully aware of just how much the continued adventures of our digital film journal have dominated Hope Lies at 24 Frames Per Second in recent weeks, but alas, it’s been an educational experience and I now know the precise amount of commitment needed for future issues! 

But alas, it’s back to relative normal for Hope Lies for the next couple of weeks, until the intense work picks up again for the third issue of Periodical (it’s not ’til July, so fret not). Expect more in the way of casual blogging over the course of the next week or so. To be frank, the thought of long-form writing terrifies me right now (Periodical is pushing 30,000 words), and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to blog in a more free-form, loose manner. And sleeping. 

The “results” of this year’s Cannes Film Festival are due later today. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for commentary aplenty. 

Adam Batty – Editor-In-Chief

Further Reading

Film-makers need to trust the audience. Adam Mars-Jones on the legacy of the New Hollywood. 


This week’s Criticwire Survey. In which we were asked to talk the big screen experience.


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