Out 1. Out DVD.



Jacques Rivette’s legendary OUT 1 has long evaded most audiences. At 770 minutes long theatrical screenings are few and far between. A DVD release has long been anticipated, but to date such hope has proven fruitless.

Alas, German DVD company Absolut MEDIEN in collaboration with ARTE are actually releasing the film in an English friendly box-set on May 29th. I say “English friendly”, but it is worth noting that only the longer, 12-hour cut of the movie, Noli me tangere is subtitled in English, while the shorter, 4-hour Spectre version is not. With no release on the horizon in the UK or US (or any other native English speaking country for that) the lack of subtitles on Spectre is annoying, but overlook-able. Extras promise appearances from Rivette, and an extensive booklet. I don’t expect either of these to be English-friendly, but you never know.

My own copy of the box-set is due to arrive next Monday, and I’ll post further information (including a hands-on confirmation about the subtitle situation) as soon as it gets in. I hate lifting press releases wholesale, but here’s the blurb from the back of the DVD case. Translated via Google Translate.  

“Paris 1970: A theater ensemble rehearses and there is an alleged conspiracy to track / A young drifter gets into trouble when she tries to exclude men / Projects revolutionary newspaper publisher dissolve regularly on hash fog. Jacques Rivette woven into OUT 1 different storylines in an elaborate labyrinth and so draws a lovingly ironic utopian portrait of seventies-feeling life in France. This is the first time cult film of the Nouvelle Vague in the uncut original 13-hour version before on DVD.”



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