Things To (Not) Look Forward To At Doc/Fest



I’m apprehensive about doing a “what I’m going to see at Doc/Fest” article this year, due to the nature of film festivals and the tendency that they have to run from a decided path. While I have an idea of the thing’s I’d like to see this year, as defined plans go I’m heading in with but the sparsest of ones. Last year the best film I saw at the festival was one I quite literally stumbled in to (¡Vivan las Antipodas!).  

My rough idea is to choose the first film I’ll see each day, and go from there. Wednesday kicks off with Chris Marker’s Le Joli Mai (an insightful article on which can be found here), before giving way to the most structured stage of the festival; the opening night gala events. Having had to book in advance I know that I’ll be seeing The Big Melt with Jarvis Cocker and the Pussy Riot film A Punk Prayer that night. 

A common connective of Thursday, Friday and Saturday is Walter Murch, events featuring whom take place on each of those days. Those aside and NCR: Not Criminally Responsible all plans are going to be made on the fly. Sure, there are things I’d like to see, and my schedule allows for five films a day, but I’m looking forward to following the mood of the festival and the buzz of the occasion. Extensive live-blogs will go live every morning and be updated throughout the day, and our Twitter feed will no doubt be alive with chatter too. 


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