Monday Blu(e)s And DVD

Stoker Mare(1)

A solid line-up and a unique event leads the week in home video.

Disc(s) Of The Week

81pikEBGPDL._SL1500_Stoker – Park Chan-wook makes his English-language debut with this Hitchcock-inspired look at familial relations. Melodramatic to the core, it’s a beautifully shot, occasionally inspired piece of work. Further ramblings can be found here


Cloud Atlas – We applauded the audacity and ambition of the Wachowski-Tykwer collaboration upon theatrical release, and stand by that assertion. While flawed in a number of ways, it’s nothing if not a fascinating project. Have a look at our original review here

91wn2VnyupL._SL1500_Oz – The Great And Powerful – Moderately enjoyable family overshadows a real gem of a thesis on the relationship between mass entertainment and audience. We wrote extensively on that unlikely facet of Sam Raimi’s latest production in this article a while back.


Maniac – Elijah Wood headlines this remake of the William Lustig genre classic. Reviews were kind, for a horror remake, but we’ve still yet to see it. 


A Field In England – Not released ’til Friday, but Friday Blu(e)s And DVD doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Ben Wheatley’s latest  film is released across multiple platforms day and date. Exciting if not for any other reason than that.


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