A Review Of About Time?

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Our review of About Time is one made up of a single action, as opposed to a number of words. As the secret screening at this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival began our contributor decided it best to leave early. He’s not a fan of the work of Richard Curtis. As such we won’t be reviewing it. Obviously. It would be unprofessional, daft even.

Which might be more apt than you’d think.

This morning reports began to pop up on Twitter that the PR company behind About Time were requesting that reviews of the film garnered during the Edinburgh Film Festival be taken down. This is in spite of said reviews not being covered by any kind of embargo, and taken from public screenings that most of the reviewers had actually paid for. As the day has gone on more reviews have fallen by the wayside. 

I’m not quite sure what Universal Pictures or the PR company charged with the task of promoting the latest Curtis opus are hoping to achieve with this move, blanket coverage upon release aside of course, but it’s certainly already leaving a bad taste. It’s unprofessional, and a little bit daft.


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