Masters Of Cinema August-September 2013 Schedule


Today Eureka’s Masters Of Cinema imprint announced their schedule for the Summer months. Across August and September the British film distribution company will be releasing six titles.



Tarnished Angels – Two films from Douglas Sirk mark out August and September for the Masters Of Cinema series. The story of a WW1-pilot turned daredevil whose unlikely destiny is being covered by a journalist. The typical Sirk-isms soon kick in.


La Notte – This edition of Michelangelo Antonioni’s La Notte was announced some time ago, but delays have seen it bumped from the Spring to the Summer. Our meanderings on it from whence it was first announced still stand though; we can’t wait.


Simon Killer – A late addition to the Masters Of Cinema series, Antonio Campos’ contemporary tale of an American in Paris is certainly an intriguing addition to a catalogue largely concerned with older fare.



Van Gogh – September’s most exciting release. Maurice Pialat is a major part of the Masters Of Cinema collection, but this is his bow in high-definition. The brunt of the director’s oeuvre has already been released on Blu-ray in his native France, so UK releases can’t be far behind. Perhaps Eureka are testing the waters here? In a neat coincidence, a major celebration of Pialat’s work closed this past weekend at the Cinémathèque Française in Paris. It’s great to see his legacy rising.


A Time to Love and a Time to Die – The second Sirk release. This release of Douglas Sirk’s best film is a reissue of an already available DVD from Masters Of Cinema. HD ought to suit this CinemaScope masterpiece, a film summed up appropriately by Jean-Luc Godard with the following. “I have never believed in Germany at war so much as watching this American film made in time of peace”.


Il Bidone – While technically superb, La città delle donne, the lone Federico Fellini film in the Masters Of Cinema collection left us feeling rather cold. Il Bidone is considered something of a diversion for the Italian filmmaker and marks the second Fellini to be added to the ranks in the space of 12 months.

Check out the complete Masters Of Cinema collection online at


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