Monday Blu(e)s And DVD


It’s a quiet day for new releases, but fret not, there’s further tales in home video coming up later today, as Eureka’s Masters Of Cinema imprint announce their next batch of titles. Keep an eye on our Twitter account for real-time commentary, or check back on the site later today for all the details. 

Disc(s) Of The Week


Shell – Scott Graham’s Shell was one of the quiet highlights of last year’s London Film Festival. You can read our further thoughts on that screening here. It’s really great to see smaller films like this given the Blu-ray treatment. 

51Dr4fYCtWLThe Brood – David Cronenberg’s intriguing tale of familial relations sees a never-better Oliver Reed in front of the camera.


Me And You – Bernardo Bertolucci’s latest film makes it’s home video bow after only the slightest of theatrical releases earlier this year.


Red Dawn – This remake of the 1984 John Milius film had a rocky path to the big screen, and struggled once it finally made it. We’ve not seen it, so can’t comment on the quality.


Jerry Bruckheimer Collection – Included here purely out of curiosity. The films themselves are an uninspiring, bland bunch, but the very notion of a producer receiving the kind of box-set treatment traditionally afforded only directors and bona-fide Movie Stars really intrigues.


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