Editorial – The Week In Hope Lies

The first batch of contributory articles for Periodical #3 have started to roll in. It’s very exciting. The response to issue #2 was hugely overwhelming, which means that #3 feels like it has quite a lot to live up to. I’m confident that it will do tho: We’ve got the perfect mid-summer theme lined up, and a brilliant group of writers working away across the world. The core team from #2 remains, but we’ve picked up a couple of exciting new contributors too. 

Regardless of all of that, this week on the site is looking great. My review of Pacific Rim will be up at some point tomorrow, while a piece  on Frances Ha, the appealing looking follow-up to from American filmmaker Noah Baumbach is set for mid-week. The UK is currently experiencing a bit of a heatwave, which means it’s the perfect weather for reading outdoors. I’m midway through both Alain Badiou’s Cinema and Ramona Fotiade’s new book on Godard’s Breathless. Reviews of both ought to be up over the next two weeks.

I’m hoping that the expected lull that comes with the increased focus on Periodical isn’t as blatant this time around, with provisions such as Le Petit Soldat, our platform for short-form blogging hopefully picking up any slack.  

Adam Batty – Editor-In-Chief

Further Reading

The Dissolve. The new website comprised of a great number of the US online film discussion community is now live. It’s great. 


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