Monday Blu(e)s And DVD



A sparing selection of discs reach stores and shelves this week, with one key title offering more than enough to make up for the lack of releases. 

Disc(s) Of The Week


The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie – The final release in the BFI’s series of films by American iconoclast John Cassavetes is an exemplary disc. A wealth of extra material accompanies both cuts of the movie, while a special 1000-print run edition of the release also includes a third disc with the documentary Anything For John and The Haircut, a short-film from Tamar Simon Hoffs. The BFI have now released all of the Cassavetes films that comprised the landmark criterion box-set from a couple of years ago. The only extras of note missing are an episode of Cinéastes de notre temps and Charles Kiselyak’s wonderful feature-length documentary on the work of the filmmaker, A Constant Forge—The Life and Art of John Cassavetes. The BFI are also releasing the third volume of their complete Humphrey Jennings collection today.


The Car – Arrow continue on their strong streak with this lavish edition of Elliot Silverstein’s The Car. Deemed “Jaws in the desert” upon release (an honour surely belonging to actual Jaws-director Steven Spielberg’s Duel?), as always it’s great to see this type of film given such impressive treatment. Film restoration supremo James White recently came on board with team Arrow, which means an impeccable attention to detail has been paid. Here’s a great, recent interview with White.


Robot & Frank – Missed on theatrical. It certainly had it’s vocal supporters. 


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