Monday Blu(e)s And DVD



A quietly solid week in home video is once again dominated by a great release from Arrow Video. 

Disc Of The Week


Runaway TrainRunaway Train proved an unlikely project for director Andrei Konchalovsky at the time of the films original release in 1985 (although perhaps not quite as unusual choice as original director Akira Kurosawa). Konchalovsky is perhaps best known for his work with Andrei Tarkovsky, on the scripts for Andrei Rublev and Ivan’s Childhood, so his mere presence here ought to suggest that there’s quite a bit more to this Jon Voight, Eric Roberts starring feature than the average cult film. Arrow’s disc is, to use an often relied upon adjective, a revelation, and is packed with Criterion-level extras. 


Post-Tenebras Lux – Carlos Reygadas’s latest film is one of the most interesting and unique of 2013 to date. Tarkovsky is a reference point here too, with a work that recalls the Soviet filmmakers The Mirror in the manner in which it fuses the hyper-autobiographical with the completely unreal. 


The Returned – A timely re-release for a French film since adapted for television to great effect. 


G.I. Joe and In The House – A pair of unlikely films connected by the fact we’ve yet to see them. Having been a fan of the first G.I. Joe film we’re actually quite keen to see the follow-up…


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