Monday Blu(e)s And DVD



An outstanding week for home video is anchored by the highlight in Blu-ray of 2013 and one of the year’s best new films.

Disc(s) Of The Week


Le Pont du Nord – Our most anticipated release of 2013 doesn’t disappoint. The sight of a Jacques Rivette movie on such a well-presented Blu-ray is pure joy. This is the first time that a Rivette film has being released on Blu-ray for the first time anywhere in the world, and will hopefully lead something of a renaissance of appreciation for the French filmmaker.


The Birth Of A Nation – Masters Of Cinema again, with a release that has turned out to be somewhat a tad more sombre than we expected it to be. Alas, screenings of D.W. Griffith’s infamous film are picketed to this day, so it’s no surprise to see this landmark of the silent era given a slighter release than other such pioneering pictures (re- the theatrical runs bestowed upon Fritz Lang’s Metropolis by the company, last Winter’s lavish edition of The Passion Of Joan Of Arc), not least because it’s a film in dire need of a lengthy contextualising documentary.

Note- This may have actually been released *last* Monday, but details are conflicted.

Click here for an extensive piece on the film, written to coincide with the Kino release of The Birth Of A Nation on Blu-ray.


Side Effects – One of the most thoroughly enjoyable films of 2013 thus far. The players are all on fine form, and, if you’ll excuse the cliche, the film carries with it a sting worthy of Clouzot, Hitch and the great masters of suspense.

Click here for our theatrical review.


Dressed To Kill – An apt release date, given the De Palma-esque tendencies of the Soderbergh film also out today, Dressed To Kill is the third in Arrow Video’s solid collection of Brian De Palma titles. Arrow are on fine form at the moment, and have dominated much of July thanks to their fine releases of The Car and last week’s Disc Of The Week, Runaway Train. They look set to impress well in to the Autumn too, having recently announced their intentions to release Charles Laughton’s The Night Of The Hunter in October, as a part of their relaunched Arrow Academy range.


Round-Up – Unfortunately we’ve yet to see any of these. Lee Daniel’s The Paperboy has been as divisively received as one could imagine a film being released in 2013, while The Adjuster and Possession are both highly regarded.


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  1. carl copeland 29/07/2013 — 11:20 am

    Awesome week for Blu ray cinema. I can’t wait to watch Le Pont du Nord.

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