Monday Blu(e)s And DVD



The third season of one our favourite television shows headlines the week in home video.

Disc(s) Of The Week


Boardwalk Empire Season Three – There was some concern that the third season of television show Boardwalk Empire would struggle to live up to the majestic cultural highlight that was the last few hours of season 2, which in themselves amounted to the great gangster picture of the last decade. But alas, such fears proved unnecessary, as all-out war came to town, anchored in no small part by Bobby Cannavale’s already iconic Gyp Rosetti, the series’ latest big bad. Boardwalk Empire is an exemplary work of the medium.


Blancanieves – Believe it or not, but we still haven’t managed to see Pablo Berger’s modern silent, which is a spin on the Snow White tale. Consider it soon to be rectified thanks to this DVD release.


Trance – Several months on from theatrical release Danny Boyle’s latest still leaves a bad taste in the mouth, such is it’s problematic representation of women. Have a look at our original review here.


Random Fare – The “classic” disaster film receives a high-definition release, while Sudden Death, aka Die Hard in an ice-hockey stadium, is notable for featuring JCVD go toe-to-toe with a sports mascot.


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