Coming Soon: Periodical #3

periodical #11a

I thought it worthy of an official note of intent to be made concerning Periodical issue #3, which is currently in-production and will hopefully be filling iPad screens and other assorted digital-devices in a couple of weeks time.

There’s been an enforced delay on Periodical #3, owing to the fact that we’re looking to produce two further issues in 2013, meaning that were we to push #3 too early the delay between that and the year-closing Periodical #4 would have been far too great. Alas, by holding back #3 for a couple of weeks things are back on track. 

We’ll be revealing the theme behind issue #3 in due course, but for now please know that it’s shaping up to be something really great, with our chosen area for this edition covered in great depth and from a unique perspective. The group of writers assembled has grown, with a number of new contributors joining the core team of accomplished writers who came together for Periodical #2. At the moment the aim is for the finished publication to be submitted to iTunes in late-August. You can still pick up a copy of Periodical #2 from iTunes, for free, by clicking through to this link. Non-Apple flavours also available. 


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