Monday Blu(e)s And DVD



A solid line up leads the week in home video.

91VBqUWVT2L._SL1500_Oblivion – Joseph Kosinski’s ode to the science-fiction blockbuster might just be the most interesting blockbuster of 2013. Innovative, beautiful visuals reign over a well-worn, almost derivative tale of one of the last men on Earth. Ignore the unimaginative complaints about it being a knock off of several other films, and revel in the finest world-building Hollywood has produced in some time. Hokey new Blu-ray packaging though.


Deranged – Arrow Video return for another month, with some solid titles lined up for the coming weeks. Deranged is a spin on the Ed Gein story, which was tackled to great effect in bona-fide classics Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Top Of The Lake – Jane Campion turns to the small screen to realise her vision, in which the case of a missing young girl forms the basis for a wider tale. 


The Adventures Of Prince Achmed – Lotte Reiniger’s iconic example of the silhouette animation remains a cultural benchmark for many. This dual-format release from the BFI sees the film make it’s HD bow. 


Compliance – Unfortunately we’ve still yet to see Craig Zobel’s Compliance


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