Celluloid Screams 2013 Programme Announced

BRAINDEAD Timothy Balme

With the London Film Festival launch set for this coming Wednesday this week would seem to be quite the one for reveals. Yorkshire’s premier horror film festival, Celluloid Screams today announced their programme for the upcoming 2013 edition of the annual event. A celebration of the work of genre icon Frank Henenlotter, who is also present for the weekend, sits at the centre of this year’s bill, which is also punctuated by a number of UK premieres and an all-nighter, which is itself a first for the festival. Horror seldom features on my radar for most of the year, but I do tend to binge in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Having attended portions of the last two Celluloid Screams I’m keen to return again, with the fantastic atmosphere dragging me back just as much as the films themselves. General leanings aside, there’s nary a better feeling to be had in a cinema than a horror all-nighter; some of the great formative experiences of my early cinephilia were at such events. 

Celluloid Screams takes place over the weekend of October 25th, and a complete schedule can be found here.


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