Monday Blu(e)s And DVD


An absolutely stellar line-up marks the week in home video.


Iron Man 3 – Shane Black reworks the Marvel cinematic universe to suit his own vision. And it works. Proof in a Summer full of mystery box style MacGuffins that the best surprises come unpromised. Check out our full review here


The Satyajit Ray Collection – Artificial Eye release a triple-bill of Satyajit Ray films in the wake of the recent BFI retrospective of the filmmaker. Such releases are valuable additions to an area of cinema seldom covered by Blu-ray.


Other Artificial Eye Releases – Further Atom Egoyan titles reach disc, while Therese Desqueyroux from Claude Miller marks an outing for a contemporary picture from the boutique label. 


Plein Soleil – René Clément’s best known film, and the finest adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley comes to disc following a recent theatrical re-run.


The Returned – This televisual adaptation of the 2004 French movie proved to be one of the highlights of 2013 on the small screen. Unsettlingly played, but satisfying in it’s execution, it’s well worth seeking out. Apt timing for disc release too, considering that The Sweet Hereafter is also released today.


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