Monday Blu(e)s And DVD


There isn’t much to recommend in home video this week.

At least not in the traditional sense. While ordinarily Monday Blu(e)s and DVD seeks to recommend the best in disc based home-video formats, this week is bereft of worthy fare, and we couldn’t in good conscience publish an article that sang the joys of The Fast And The Furious Six. The reliable Arrow Video imprint are releasing The Last American Virgin, but it remains unseen, as does Abel Ferrera’s 4:44 Last Day On Earth. So, instead of recommending anything that streets on video today, we’re going to instead suggest that readers seek out the documentary Rewind This!, an American film which has been on iTunes for a couple of weeks now, but has just reached other online rental services.

Rewind This is an examination of the effect that the VHS tape had on the film industry. Via a number of enthusiasts (including  Atom Egoyan, Mamoru Oshii and Frank Henenlotter) the story of the rise of the format is told, as are the stories of those whose interest remains with the humble VHS tape.

There’s a certain irony in recommending a film about the joys of the physical home video mediums of an age gone by  as a digital download. We’re told a physical version is forthcoming tho, and look forward to it.

The best place to pick the film up is probably the filmmakers own website.

Monday Blu(e)s and DVD will be back to normal next week. It’s actually one of those legendary days packed with discs aplenty.


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