Monday Blu(e)s And DVD


Landmark Pialat leads a solid week in home video. 


Van Gogh – Maurice Pialat’s charting of the final weeks in the life of Vincent Van Gogh is a film with quite the reputation. French popstar and sometime actor Jacques Dutronc won the Cesar for his turn as the eponymous artist, while the film is generally considered to be Pialat’s breakthrough work on the international stage. This Blu-ray release of the film from Eureka’s Masters Of Cinema imprint is, to quote Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way, and a real contender for disc of the year. An immense package of extra material accompanies a note-perfect representation of the original film elements, while the usual high-quality booklet of written criticism and contextualising matter completes the package.   


Convoy – This Kris Kristofferson vehicle, pun intended, reads like a diversion from director Sam Peckinpah. But alas, in action it plays surprisingly in keeping with the rest of the director’s oeuvre. Politically charged and fiercely anti-authoritarian, Convoy is here presented in its uncut form, and with an assortment of new extra material. 


The Iceman – While an enticing project, Ariel Vromen’s The Iceman actually proved rather dull upon completion. An attempt to portray the life of Mafia hitman Richard Kuklinski, starring bona-fide tour de force Michael Shannon, the film falls flat outside of Shannon’s admittedly great performance. It’s ultimately, and unfortunately, all a bit unsatisfying. 

Our complete review of the film an be found here


The Walking Dead Season Three – Television releases dominate the week in video, with box-sets of a number of big shows hitting disc. AMC’s The Walking Dead is the only one we have any real relationship with. Season Three really upped the ante for the gang of survivors at the heart of the show, seemingly in response to criticism garnered during the second run, concerning a lack of action. 


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