Badlands Film Collective #1: A Tribute To Savides – Director Jonathan Glazer To Attend


We’re excited to be able to announce that Harris Savides’ Birth director Jonathan Glazer will be attending our screening of the film at our tribute to Savides next weekend. We’re positively ecstatic by this development, with much pinching going on.

Tickets can be bought from the ICA directly by clicking here.


Alongside esteemed writers on film Philip Concannon, Ian Mantgani and Craig Williams, Hope Lies at 24 Frames Per Second’s Adam Batty has formed The Badlands Collective, with the intention being to organise a number of regular screening events of important and/or overlooked cinema. Our first event takes place next month, with a tribute to cinematographer extraordinaire Harris Savides at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

Harris Savides is a figure who meant a great deal to each of us. In fact, it was from a mutual love for the man’s work that the idea for The Badlands Collective initially came about. This tribute marks the first anniversary of Savides’ untimely passing. The event comprises screenings of David Fincher’s The Game and Jonathan Glazer’s Birth, both on their native 35mm. Birth is a title which is especially important to Hope Lies, and we can’t wait to revisit the film almost ten years on from it’s original theatrical release. Not only will we be screening the films, but the intention is to contextualise the works and provoke a wider debate via extensive and informative introductions, featuring material created especially by some of those who worked with Savides.



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