Eyes Shift To Europe, And Truffaut, Frances Ha and Heaven’s Gate


Some of the most interesting upcoming home video releases on the market are coming from Germany and France. Here’s a round-up of some of the discs we’re most looking forward to.

71Cu0L+-HXL._SL1500_Le Mepris. Marking the fiftieth anniversary of Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt, this elaborate box-set edition of the original meditation on the death of cinema, and contains Blu-ray and DVD copies of the movie and the original Alberto Moravia novel on which the film is based. There’s some speculation that the transfer being used is derived from the most recent restoration, which is a marked improvement over the existing one available on Blu-ray.

La Bête humaine and the complete Jacques Tati are also forthcoming from Studio Canal in November and December, although the presence of English Subtitles is thus far unknown.

91JNOEfGvmL._SL1500_Heaven’s Gate. Last year’s restoration makes it’s way to disc in France via this lavish box-set from Carlotta. Two Blu–ray discs and a pair of DVD’s are accompanied by reproductions of programmes and other assorted matter, and the complete script, which is typically huge.

Interestingly Carlotta this week announced that they will soon be launching a US-arm of their esteemed label. In their Richard Fleischer discs from earlier this year they’ve produced some of 2013’s finest releases, so this is welcome news.


German Stuff. An array of random titles see release in Germany this season.  Top of the pile is Frances Ha, which is receiving a rare European outing in HD in Germany, having seemingly been denied one in the UK. German discs are great due to the number of ones that don’t feature forced subtitles, which is a problem that plagues many a French disc. Fans of Before Midnight can also look towards Germany to pick up the slack left behind by the UK distributors, who have also decided against a Blu-ray release for that title on these shores.

A fascinating range of catalogue titles are also being released in Germany at the moment. Masterpieces Of Cinema looks like a rival/knock off of Eureka’s Masters Of Cinema Range, but there’s some fantastic discs on their way from them. Perhaps most interesting is the pictured above Fahrenheit 451, which is the first UK friendly release of any Francois Truffaut film (while the likes of The 400 Blows and Jules et Jim have been released in France and Germany, neither feature English subtitles). A recent wave of discs from Paramount saw Paul Schrader’s American Gigolo and Hal Ashby’s Harold And Maude also released.


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