Monday Blu(e)s And DVD


The calm before the storm. Next week is a big one. Halloween-orientated discs are the order of the day. 


Halloween. A festive re-release for John Carpenter’s halloween favourite. This new edition features an array of new to the UK 35th anniversary extra features.


The Beyond. Unfortunately a Zavvi exclusive, but a trove of riches awaits anyone brave enough to order from them. Steelbooks  nary transcend the realm of the tacky, but this one befits the film perfectly. The discs contained within replicate Arrow’s recent regular release.


World War Z. Brad Pitt’s moderately enjoyable Zombie blockbuster is a neat analogy unto itself. Declared dead on arrival by many a guffawing onlooker, World War Z had legs, and did very well, in spite of one of the more unusual third-act diversions of 2013 (Cardiff?!).


Made Of Stone. Shane Meadows’ Stone Roses is very much a celebration of the band and fan culture. Hardly cuts deep, but then it never professes to aim to.


Renoir. Unseen. As biopics go, a double-bill of this and this might be the better idea.



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