Monday Blu(e)s And DVD.


A very strong week of new releases awaits those who seek out the finest of new home video.


Heaven’s Gate. One of the finest films of all, and a long awaited disc release for the UK market. We’ve written extensively in the past as to why Michael Cimino’s film is one of the greatest feats in all of the cinema, here and here.


The World Cinema Project Vol. 1. Hand picked by Martin Scorsese, World Cinema Foundation Vol. 1. marks the first in a twice annually pattern of releases that stand as a collaboration between the World Cinema Foundation and Masters Of Cinema. This edition includes Metin Erksan’s Dry Summer, Ermek Shindarbaev’s Revenge and Ahmed El Maanouni’s Trances.

Here are the individual pack shots.



The Act Of Killing. The most talked about documentary of 2013, if not the finest. Provocative and thought-provoking, Joshua Oppenheimer’s film is an impressive feat, and best seen in its extended directors cut form.


The World’s End. In keeping with the rest of the Pegg/Frost/Wright movies, The World’s End is moderately entertaining.


Breaking Bad. We’ve never seen Breaking Bad, but if hyperbole stands for anything then this might be the most important cultural artifact of 2013.


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