Editorial – Gifting.


Expanding on this weeks Criticwire survey answer and to make up for the fact that post-Napoleon (more on which later) I’m exhausted and need a quick fix for today’s column. Plus, it’s now December, so it’s officially the season of festivities. Note – it’s snowing on the site.

My ultimate gift recommendation is Andrew Sarris’s The American Cinema. The best book on film and the closest thing I have to a life bible. It’s seen me thru some tough times, and is the tome I turn to upon first hearing an unfamiliar name.

For those that already have the American cinema:

Le Pont du Nord is my undisputed highlight of the year in home video. It may be light in extras, at least of the on-disc variety, but blossoms elsewhere. This German edition of Out 1 comes with my highest recommendation too. While The Wes Anderson Collection was the popular choice for the discerning gift guide this season, if the Criticwire survey is anything to go by (most of us mentioned this in some form or another). Matt Zoller Seitz’s beautifully illustrated tome is a highlight of the year in crowd pleasing coffee table books.

Adam Batty – Editor 

This week’s CriticWire Survey. On gifting.


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