Editorial – ‘Tis The Season.


Merry Christmas.

This is my final task of 2013.

It’s been a fantastic year for Hope Lies at 24 Frames Per Second. Things have gone from strength to strength with the site, while the success of Periodical, our iPad-orientated spin-off, knocked everyone for six. The latter returns in early-2014 in a slightly refined form, but more on that later. Keep an eye out for hints over the festive period though, it’s pretty exciting.

There’s no Monday Blu(e)s and DVD this week, due to a lack of releases this close to Christmas Day, but it’ll be back to normal next week. If you simply can’t go without then have a read of our round-up of the year’s best discs (which can be found by clicking here). Having grown up outside of the cinetropolis heights of a London or New York, afforded not the luxury of a decent movie-house, home video has long proven my own personal saviour when it comes to the raw discovery of cinema, so I take great pride in putting that article together each year. 2013 round-up is the biggest to date, and is full of all kinds of treasures.

The rest of this week holds similar delights, with our round-up of the year in repertory cinema and that all-important Top Ten of the year. In the meantime though, there remains only for me to wish all of thee a very happy Christmas, and my best wishes for 2014! Thank you for your continued support throughout the year.

Adam Batty – Editor

This week’s Criticwire Survey – 2014 Anticipations.



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  1. Adam, Congrats on your great site, it’s the rare one where every post is worth a look. Happy Holidays and looking forward to more in 2014. Rick

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