Jacques Tati Returns.


2014 marks 32 years since the death of one of the great icons of French cinema. Jacques Tati passed away in 1982, but his is a legacy that has remained strong in the decades since. Thanks to a series of new restorations of his features being made available via Blu-ray, Tati looks set to be one of the most pre-eminent figures of the first act of this year too. 

His work has already been well-catered for on home video, with the BFI and Criterion releasing a number of extra-feature packed editions, but this is the first time that Trafic and Parade have been available in high definition, although there is some debate about just how necessary HD is for Parade, given that it was shot on standard definition PAL videotape. Seven shorts also accompany, as do extensive analytical video essays and documentaries, full details of which can be found here. The seven-disc set is available for pre-order now, and is particularly inexpensive when placed next to the now-OOP BFI Blu-rays of Playtime and Mon Oncle. It’s out on February 3rd.

The upcoming Tati box-set, as pictured at Amazon.fr.
The upcoming Tati box-set, as pictured at Amazon.fr.

Equally as exciting as the upcoming Blu-ray collection is the news that Taschen are working on a Jacques Tati edition of their famous Archives line, with the French filmmaker joining the esteemed ranks of Stanley Kubrick, Ingmar Bergman and Pedro Almodóvar. A tome on Chaplin is also due.


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