BFI Spring/Summer 2014 Schedule Unveiled.


It must be the day for it. Following today’s earlier announcement from Eureka’s Masters Of Cinema the British Film Institute followed suit with a reveal of their own. 

It’s a solid, at times exceptional line-up. Most eyes will be on the 17-film limited edition Werner Herzog box-set, which is accompanied by a pair of (ergh) steelbooks, one for Aguirre, Wrath Of God, and the other housing the director’s reworking of Nosferatu, Nosferatu The Vampyre. Last year’s Blu-ray release of Seven Samurai is finally freed of the shackles of Zavvi-exclusivity, while a welcome Blu-ray upgrade for George Franju’s Eyes Without A Face, fresh off of an appearance from the recent Gothic is a particular highlight.


Capping off the April-July schedule is a six-film box-set highlighting the work of French-filmmaker Alain Robbe-Grillet!

Robbe-Grillet is a fascinating figure, having come to the fore cinematically as the writer of Last Year At Marienbad, and one on whom a re-evaluation is long overdue. Official details are scarce, but recent BBFC ratings suggest that the box-set will comprise of the previously announced Trans-Europ Express and Successive Slidings of Pleasure alongside L’éden et après, L’homme qui ment  and N. a pris les dés….


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